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Ever wondered what happened to all the guys and girls that you spent so many years growing up with? It's easy to lose touch when leaving school and graduating but thanfully with Class it's also very easy to get back in touch!

About Class
With over 40 million friends already registered on Class, finding and hooking up with old friends is easy. Find out the latest reunion updates and partake in lively message boards.

What's on offer?
Free Service: As a free user you can find the names of old friends, get reunion updates and post your own profile! All you have to do is enter your graduation year, year of birth, name, zip code and a valid email address.

Gold Service: As a gold member you can gain access to view photos, read profiles and send emails to any of the 40 million members. There are currently 3 membership options, starting at only $2.46 per month.

Visit Class and find your graduating class...

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